Oakmont lake bank repairs continue to progress. The contractor, Quality Enterprises, built dikes to work on the lake in sections from inside the lake. This will reduce disruptions to residential backyards. The pathway has been closed periodically as needed to keep residents safe based on the location and scope of work. Access is limited or restricted now that the project has started. Requisite tree removal has been reviewed by the PBSD landscape and water management committees. The repair project is funded through reserves in the PBSD budget. Any additional questions can be directed to the Pelican Bay Services Division of Collier County at 239-252-1355.

Oakmont Lake is one of the largest lakes in Pelican Bay. While it is only 260 feet wide, the length of the lake from north to south is approximately 2,600 linear feet. A variety of forces are eroding the bank of the lake including rain and runoff from houses that do not have proper downspouts. Downspouts should connect to storm drains to channel runoff to prevent bank erosion. Wind exacerbates the problem creating waves that crash into the lake banks.

The typical lake bank erosion has created lake banks that are steeper than their design slopes causing safety concern and potential loss of property. Repairs made in the past have not sustained over time. The lake bank repair project will use a geo-web that uses interconnected synthetic cells which are filled with soil, sod, and plants. The lake restoration project will improve and enhance the lake aesthetics, safety, and the long-term function of the community’s water management system.