The following Pelican Bay residents were elected for a 4 year term:

  1. Joe Chicurel 
  2. Tom Cravens 
  3. Ken Dawson
  4. Scott Streckenbein 

The PBSD is the Pelican Bay Board responsible for:

  1. Landscaping maintenance and beautification of our roadway         medians and sidewalks, the U.S. 41 berms
  2. Street lighting
  3. Beach renourishment
  4. Storm water lake system
  5. Ambient Noise management
  6. Maintenance of Clam Bay/Pass and the Mangroves
  7. Extra police service and street and sidewalk Safety issues

With both the Pelican Bay Foundation and PBSD board elections completed, Pelican Bay’s two governing bodies are set to serve Pelican Bay.


PBSD office:  239- 597-1749