Provided by The PBSD (The Pelican Bay Services Division) 239-252-1355 

PHASE TWO of Pelican Bay’s community-wide sidewalk replacement project is now underway.

Replacing the old failing asphalt sidewalks requires adherence to county and state construction codes, and the federal civil rights law of 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA requires that the angle that the sidewalk slopes toward the street must not exceed 2% (this is known as the “cross slope”).  In order to be compliant with the ADA, our contractor will be re-setting pavers where the sidewalk passes through driveways and condo associations. All disruptions to pavers, sod, sprinklers and utilities will be restored at no expense to Pelican Bay residents or associations. Marking of utilities, trees, palms, and safety fence barriers is now taking place. Removing any of these that are in conflict with construction or identified by an arborist as diseased will also begin.

Our new 6 foot wide concrete sidewalks will provide all residents with safer, more user friendly, and aesthetic sidewalks. The PBSD will continue to provide additional and ongoing updates throughout the project.