The Landscape & Safety Committee met on 2/21/19 and approved the recommendation that the full PBSD Board task its consulting engineers to develop detailed design plans, specifications and surveys for a 6-foot-wide concrete replacement sidewalk system within Pelican Bay; with the caveat that to avoid utility and hardwood tree conflicts, the sidewalk design can be 5 (+or-) feet wide and meander around such conflicts.

The preliminary opinion, thus far, indicated that 7 hardwood trees would be impacted. Onsite tagging and evaluation found only 1 hardwood tree needed to be removed. This critical on sight evaluation will continue as actual surveys and plans are prepared over the ensuing months. PBSD flexibility as to width and meandering will ensure minimal impacts.

The PBSD is preparing an Executive Summary to memorialize a county cost sharing plan with Collier County to replace the county owned multi-use aging asphalt sidewalks within Pelican Bay. Meeting dates and times are listed to the right of this notice.   The next board meeting is March 6th at 1:00PM in the PB Community Center. The PBSD welcomes community input and the opportunity to share the accurate and up to date details with you.