Courtesy of the PBSD Landscape & Safety Committee

The last update detailed Phase I (the east side of Pelican Bay Blvd.) of our future 6 foot sidewalks and the possible conflicts that might be encountered when final construction plans are developed. A similar onsite evaluation of Phase II (the west side of Pelican Bay Blvd.) was carried out this week.

Maintaining the PBSD’s criteria of allowing the new sidewalk to (1) meander around utility and/or tree conflicts and (2) be reduced in width to the existing width or less than 6 feet when conflicts arise, the following was determined:

  1. approximately 5 short segments would remain the existing width;
  2. the majority of conflicts would be mitigated by meandering around them;
  3. six palm trees would need to be removed on PB Blvd/ (four palm trees on North Pointe Drive would need to be removed)
  4. As was the case in the Phase I evaluation, no hardwood or canopy trees need to be removed.

Phase III (Greentree; Ridgewood; and Gulf Park Drives) will be evaluated next