Courtesy of the PBSD Landscape and Safety Committee

This latest update evaluates our future 6-foot sidewalks and the possible conflicts that might be encountered when final construction plans are developed next year.

An onsite evaluation of Greentree Drive, Ridgewood Drive, and Gulf Park Drive was conducted with our civil engineers utilizing their detailed community survey.

Maintaining the construction criteria of (1) allowing the new sidewalk to meander around utility and/or tree conflicts and (2) reducing the sidewalk width to the existing sidewalk width or less than 6 feet when conflicts arise, the following was determined:

  1. approximately 7 short segments would remain the existing width;
  2. several segments would meander around conflicts; and
  3. three cabbage palms will need to be removed.
  4. As was the case in the previous two evaluations on both sides of Pelican Blvd., no hardwood trees need to be removed.

Our next update will evaluate Crayton Road, Myra Janco Daniels Blvd. and Vanderbilt Beach Road.