Courtesy of the PBSD Landscape and Safety Committee

Evaluation of the last several sidewalk segments of our future 6 foot sidewalk project has been completed. These last segments included: the southern-most portion of Ridgewood Dr. adjacent to Artis Naples; Laurel Oaks Dr.; Myra Janco Daniels Blvd.; Crayton Rd.; Glenview Place; and Vanderbilt Beach Dr. between US 41 and the Trieste.

The following conclusions were observed:

  1. one Hong Kong Orchid tree will need to be removed;
  2. 2-3 sabal palms will need to be removed;
  3. most segments of the new sidewalk will not require major re-alignment or conflict mitigation;
  4. As with the three previous onsite preliminary evaluations, no hardwood or canopy trees will need to be removed.

When final construction designs are available in July of 2020, a detailed onsite review will be undertaken to ensure our preliminary findings are correct.