Who was that elf greeting everyone at our 26th Annual Pelican Bay Marine Foundation Toys for Tots drive today? Generously hosted once again by The Glenview, over 60 Pelican Bay residents along with representatives from The Salvation Army of Naples attended our Kickoff Event.   The hour long meeting is like continuing education for volunteers as well to introduce the new volunteers to the detail needed to be followed for the toy drive. Many neighborhoods will soon see a Toys for Tot box in their lobby, mail room or association clubhouse. Bear has taken up residence again in the lobby of our Community Center to watch the pile grow. Toys may always be brought directly to the Community Center if that works the best for you.

Joanne, along with some aides de camp, will begin Community Center lobby sitting on Thursday, November 7th from 9 to 10 am. This Thursday ‘club’ will continue into mid December for the purpose of answering any toy drive questions, greet neighborhood representatives bringing in donations, and accepting checks.  Donation by check is always welcome as it allows the Salvation Army to purchase for children that may be lacking in age appropriate gifts. Checks may be made out to: Marine Foundation Toys for Tots or to The Salvation Army. Please make out checks to one or the other. Any check received with both names on the payee line will be returned for correction. Please write toy or bicycle on the memo line, too. An average bicycle costs between $80 and $120.

Toys may be dropped off at the Community Center anytime during their normal business hours.

More details about the drive next week.

If you have any questions, contact Joanne at downbucket@comcast.net. Thank you for your continued support.