Please note that the recycling and waste management efforts as stated here and in the October Pelican Bay Post, only applies to Foundation Facilities and not residential properties.

As mentioned in the “Waste Management & Recycling Efforts” article in the October Pelican Bay Post, the Foundation is sharing information about our waste management and recycling efforts, as it pertains to our Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values in regards to preserving our natural environment and community enhancement.

The Foundation has already taken actions in support of these efforts, a few examples include addition of solar waste receptacles for trash compaction and recycling collection over the last two years; transitioning takeout food containers and bags to more ecofriendly and biodegradable products; transition from disposable cups for water and coffee to reusable containers.

While we continue our efforts and pursue a focused commitment to improve sustainability and recycling efforts, one area we can make immediate improvements in our waste receptacle processes to maximize our recycling opportunities. We have placed new graphics on all waste receptacles to help with these efforts. Additionally, we have listed informational questions and answers in the October Pelican Bay Post, that you can read here.

In addition, remember – “When in doubt, throw it out” – which is a more sustainable practice than contaminating an entire recycling bin, resulting in it all becoming trash.