At the May Board of Directors meeting, the Board made motions to approve the rules and regulations for Pets, Certified Service Animals And/Or Emotional Support Animals.

If members, tenants or guests are accompanied by a pet, Certified Service Animal and/or Emotional Support Animal in certain Foundation common areas, it is important to read the rules and regulations found on the Foundation website under Section 3 “Member Qualifications, Rights and Obligations:

Significant items to note are that pets must be harnessed, leashed, caged or tethered at all times while on Foundation property. Leashes shall not exceed six feet. Retractable leashes are not permitted on the berm. Pets cannot block or impede the berm, walkways or aisles.

The Pelican Bay Foundation classifies certified service animals and registered emotional support animals, as assistance animals. Members, tenants, and guests who have a qualifying accommodation must register with the Foundation. Approved assistance animals can be granted expanded access to trams and outdoor dining areas, when accompanied by persons with a Foundation-issued card.