One of the most popular reasons to call Summit Broadband’s Tech Support is to correct the input of the customer’s TV. It is not unusual for us to hear that pets often lay on or play with the remote, resulting in no picture for you!

When you find that your TV settings have been changed and the signal from your Summit Broadband set top box is not showing on the screen you can now correct it yourself and save the time it takes to make a call.   Depending on the manufacturer, you will see a message such as “No Signal” or “Source Not Found,” and you will have no picture or audio.

First, verify that the message is related to the input. Do this by using the remote control that was included with your Summit Broadband or Synergy set top box. Press the “Guide” button. If the Program Guide does not appear, then you know the issue is probably due to the TV looking for the signal from the cable box on the wrong input.

Now get the remote that came with your TV (it will probably have the same brand name as the TV has). Look for a button called “Input” or “Source.” Different manufacturers use different terms, so it could be either one. Press that button, and you should see a message or a menu indicating the input or source where the TV is currently looking for a signal.

If you see a list of inputs, use the arrow keys of the remote to slowly move from one input to the next. When the TV gets to the input where the Summit Broadband or Synergy set top box is sending its signal, then the image of the Program Guide should appear on your TV.

If you only see a message displaying the Source or Input that the TV is currently using, press the “Input” or “Source” button again, and that message should change to reflect the TV looking for a signal on another input. Slowly press and release this button, letting the TV cycle through the inputs until you see the Program Guide display.

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