There was a recent report of a residential break-in and car theft in Pelican Bay.  The authorities were successful in apprehending the alleged suspect. Upon further investigation, the suspect was found to be an employee of a contractor.

Information below provided by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office with helpful tips to residents and association for future crime prevention.

There are some basic steps that both homeowner associations and homeowners can take to research contractors who come onto their property or into their residence.

  • The associations can begin with first performing a google search of the company for any documented concerns surroundings the company.
  • The associations can request the information of all employees performing the work
  • The association can then perform a few simple searches that are free.
    • A google search of the individual’s name
    • A search can be conducted on all local sheriff office websites (Charlotte, Lee and Collier County) for arrest records and charges
  • For more involved jobs requiring contractors to be on property for a significate amount of time a more thorough search can be conducted through the FDLE website. I believe the complete background search has a fee associated with it per individual.
  • The front gates can identify and document ALL occupants of the contractor vehicle not just the drivers (as was done in this incident only the driver was fully identified).
  • No unsupervised work should be permitted inside private residence.
  • If time allows the front gate security personnel can also perform these basic searches described above and notify management of any felony charges or charges related to burglary or theft.
  • In addition, a rule can be enacted by all association not to hire or permit any contractors on premise with felony, burglary and theft charges.


The Collier County Sheriff’s Office wants members of the community to let law enforcement know about unusual activity. Contact CCSO at 252-9300 if you see anything that doesn’t seem right.

The Sheriff’s Office strongly urges all residents to understand these tips to prevent vehicle break-ins:

  • Always lock your doors. ┬áMany thieves pull on door handles until they find an unlocked vehicle.
  • Remove all valuables or keep them out of sight. This is particularly important with GPS systems, laptops and iPods. Make sure to remove all base mounts, cords and chargers from view as well.
  • Putting your purse behind the front seat or putting a wallet in your console is not hiding it from thieves.
  • Only take what you need, whether it’s cash or a wallet. Leave the rest at home.
  • Set your car alarm if you have one.
  • If your vehicle is broken into, report it to law enforcement even if nothing significant was taken. The more information investigators have about these crimes, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to identify and stop the people committing them.

Call 911 for Emergency, and 239-252-9300 for Non-Emergency.