The contract with Surety Construction for the renovation and improvements of South Beach was signed on January 30th. On February 5th, a construction coordination meeting was held to discuss the timing and staging of the work that will need to precede the full project beginning on April 29th.

Of immediate focus, is the excavation and distribution of the accumulated sand that has been driven up under the South Beach decking by storms, and two lunar tidal events. Additionally, test pilings and pile caps need to be drilled and installed to determine the overall means, methods, and time required to accomplish that phase of the project.

Due to restrictions on spreading sand during turtle season, similar to past beach renourishment projects, this work will have to be staged, to minimize disruption, and completed prior to May 1st. Once we know a schedule, we will communicate this, mindful of the beach fitness classes, and peak beach utilization times and days.

Residents will start to see some construction activity immediately, as some under-deck plumbing work has begun. Permitting for the Take Out facility and the Sandbar/Sunset is underway, but has encountered some unexpected modification requirements. Final Interior Design review and approval are expected by the Facilities Committee and Board of Directors this month.