Berm Closed on September 21
Machinery and trucks will traveling from Station 8 and 6 throughout the day Tuesday, September 21st to lay new asphalt on the berm around Station 8. For safety reasons the 8 to 6 part of the berm will and will be closed to pedestrians and cart/tram traffic the entire day.
The construction has closed the access pathway between Pelican Bay Boulevard and the berm at Station 6. Trams still run to Marker 36 restaurant/North Beach from Station 8 (North Station) and Station 5 (Marker 36). Those who have used the pathway, indicated as Beachwalk on the Pelican Bay map, should use the Marker-36 parking lot. Due to construction traffic and staging at Station 8, that parking is closed but the berm path access will remain open and trams will continue to service those who traditionally walk to the station.
This project does not affect North Beach operations or Marker 36 restaurant.
Station 6 Security & Canoe/Kayak Plan
Canoe equipment was relocated to Station 5 (Marker-36 parking lot) while Station 6 is being renovated.
Those wishing to use the hybrid canoe/kayaks at the north boardwalk dock are to check out equipment from Station 5. Trams will drop you off at the dock and bring you back to 5 when you’re finished.
This project remains on track to be completed in September.