What kind of work is expected that will cause a temporary closure?
There will be asphalt work being performed along the North Berm at Station 6.

What is closed, when and how long?
North Berm from Station 5 (Marker 36 Parking Lot) to Station 6 (Beach Walk)
North Berm from Station 6 (Beach Walk) to Station 8 (North Lot)
North Parking Lot (Station 8 parking lot)

Work will begin on Monday, October 4. The majority of work should take place in the morning and reopen at approximately 1:00 p.m.

How do I get to Marker 36 and North Beach?
Members should park at Station 5 (Marker 36 Parking Lot). From there, you will be transported by our Foundation shuttle along Pelican Bay Boulevard and along Beach Walk to Station 6. From there, you will be transported by tram along the boardwalk to Marker 36 and North Beach.

Where can I walk or use my bicycle?
During this work it is important to note the berm from Station 8 is not accessible to pedestrian or bicycle traffic. This area will be heavily used by the transportation of construction material.

Please note there may be heavy cart traffic along Beach Walk. We ask that foot/bike traffic be cautious through this area.

When is the berm open?
We expect to reopen the berm for normal operations at approximately 1:00 p.m. that same day.