The Pelican Bay Foundation has openings for members who would like to serve on the Elections Committee. Each year at least two Pelican Bay Foundation Board of Director positions are up for election and the process is organized, run and monitored by the Elections Committee of the Foundation along with staff and outside consultants. The Elections Committee begins it’s work each fall by meeting and preparing to notify the 13,400 members of Pelican Bay that they have an opportunity to serve the community by putting their name or that of another member up for nomination. This is done by January 4th.

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Elections Committee are:

* Draft the Annual Elections Procedures Resolution for approval by the Board.

* Approve the candidate self-nomination form.

* Certify that nominees meet the qualifications stated in Section 4.04 of the Bylaws.

* Organize forums where candidates may be introduced to the voters.

* Set rules on the dissemination of information by and about the candidates.

* Resolve complaints about the election process:

1) Enforce compliance with election regulations and hold inquiries and issue notices of election regulation violations.

2) Make a final determination in the event of any written complaints, protests and/or challenges to election results.

* Recommend the method of voting for Board approval.

* Oversee the voting.

* Certify the election results.

* Announce the election results. Results shall be reported in the aggregate only.

The Elections Committee meets a half dozen times over the season to perform its duties. Our professional consultants, Aqua Marketing & Communications of St. Petersburg, Florida, assists us in preparing all the election material consisting of member ballots and then monitors and counts all the votes submitted by mail or electronically on the internet. A final report is submitted to the Elections Committee in March who reports to the community through the Foundation Board at the Annual meeting. This process follows a format prescribed in the Foundation Bylaws and each year the Elections Committee adds its personality to the questions asked the candidates. Most past business or community service skills will be of assistance to the Foundation as you serve on the Elections Committee.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form on the Foundation website by clicking the Members Tab, then E-Forms, click on “Standing Committee Application”, and then choose “Elections Committee” in the drop-down “Standing Committee of Interest”.