After discussion at the June Foundation Board of Directors meeting, the Foundation will be resuming tram service to North Beach and Station 8 (North Parking Lot) beginning tomorrow, Thursday, June 25.

It is important to note the following:

What are the tram routes to North?

  • To get to North Beach, trams will run:
    • From Station 5 (Marker 36 Parking Lot) to Station 7 (North Beach)
    • From Station 8 (North Parking Lot) to Station 7 (North Beach)

What is the tram route to South from Station 8 (North Parking Lot)?

  • To get to South Beach from Station 8 (North Parking Lot):
    • Trams will run from Station 8 (North Parking Lot) and drop off at Station 6 (Beach Walk)
    • From Station 6, a transfer will run to Station 4 (Commons)
    • From Station 4 (Commons), a transfer will run to Station 3 (South Beach)

What do I need to take into consideration before going to North Beach?

  • At North Beach, the last tram departs right after sunset.
  • Marker 36 restaurant is closed until November.
  • While access to North Beach is resuming, North Beach services remain closed. There are no chairs, umbrellas or cabanas.
  • Parking space is limited at Station 8 (North Parking Lot) due to contractor staging needs.
  • During times with construction traffic along the North Berm and North Boardwalk to Marker 36, tram service delays may occur. Tram and security staff will coordinate safe passage while sharing the berm and boardwalk with contractors.

What if Thor Guard goes into effect while I’m at South Beach?

  • Rainy season may significantly impact the route from South Beach from Station 8 (North Parking Lot), so please plan accordingly. If there is a Red Alert, trams will not be able to return to Station 8 (North Parking Lot) from South Beach.  Trams will only make last runs to Station 4 (Commons) and Station 5 (Marker 36 Parking Lot) from South Beach.

While progress is being made on Marker 36, we will continue to give you updates on any operational adjustments throughout the summer.