Thor Guard has statuses that determine the probability of lightning and if current weather conditions are safe for beach travel.

Click here to view the Thor Guard 360 Lightning tracker.

Red Alert

When in a Caution, the likelihood of entering a Red Alert becomes greater. When in a RED ALERT, Thor Guard has predicted that there is lightning in the vicinity and it is unsafe for anyone to be out in the open. At this time, one long horn blast will sound. All tram and beach operations will shut down during the Red Alert and operations will not resume until the all clear has sounded. Once a Red Alert begins, all trams have 13 minutes from the initiation of the Red Alert to transport you to Tram Station #4 (Commons) or Tram Station #8 (North Lot) and proceed to your vehicle. If you are at the beach, you should immediately pack-up and seek a safe shelter. If you remain at the restaurant, you should seek safe shelter. For the safety of members and employees, please note that staff cannot assist in any way during a Red Alert. If you choose to walk, it is at your own discretion.


Warning means the energy is changing in the atmosphere, but it may be passing by.


When Thor Guard displays a CAUTION message, this means there is potential for lightning nearby. Staff will notify members and guests that we are in a caution and that a Red Alert could be imminent. When at the beach or in the water, the Foundation staff will raise a yellow caution pennant to advise that Thor Guard has gone into caution mode. When in a Caution, members and their guests should be cognizant and alert to this advance warning and plan accordingly. When we enter a caution, all available trams will go to the beaches to retrieve members in preparation for a Red Alert.

All Clear

Once the threat of lightning in the area has been cleared, Thor Guard will display the ALL CLEAR status. This will be distinguished by the sound of three short horn blasts, and tram and beach operations will then resume normal operations.