This past weekend on Sunday, July 21st, lightning struck one person and injured seven others on Clearwater Beach, approximately 170 miles north of Pelican Bay. While this incident may seem far from home, we would like to take this as an opportunity to further express the importance of Thor Guard when ensuring the safety of members, guests, and staff of Pelican Bay.

The individual whom was struck, is currently suffering from life-threatening injuries and bystanders stated that they heard a loud boom, and then witnessed the man fall to the ground. Several girls that were with the man when he was struck, also fell to the ground and could not walk momentarily after the initial strike. Another bystander also noticed a hole in the man’s shirt from where the lightning struck him.

Deputy Chief Marvin Pettingill of the Clearwater Fire Department stated, “Lightning is looking for a place to contact the ground and if you’re standing up or above that ground surface it’s going to find you and connect.”

Eight people have been killed by lightning in the United States this year so far, with one case being in Florida. Of the twenty people killed by lightning last year in the U.S., seven were killed by strikes in Florida.

It’s important to remember that even if a storm system is miles away from your location, there is still a risk of lightning striking you. This is how Thor Guard can enter a Red Alert even if the surrounding sky seems clear. Thor Guard tracks and predicts the potential for lightning in the area and will enter a Red Alert when lightning is predicted to be dangerously close to our location.

The National Weather Service warns that no place outside is safe when a thunderstorm is in the area. It is recommended that you should get inside as soon as you hear thunder.