Every time you use a device to connect to the Internet you are assigned an IP address. That IP address can be dynamic or statically assigned.

What’s the difference?

A dynamic address is yours to use, but it routinely changes, sometimes as often as once a day or once a week. A static address is assigned to you and does not change for as long as the address is applied to your account.

For most customers, a dynamic address will meet all your needs but there are some specific instances where a static IP address will be better for your needs:

  • Most smart home devices are designed to work with dynamic addresses, but there are some that do not, and in those cases, a static address will solve the compatibility issue.
  • Some server applications and VPN clients that you can run on your home network work better with a static address due to the predictability of the address not changing.

Summit Broadband internet customers are limited to a maximum of two (2) static IP addresses. The cost for each static IP address is $10/month.

If you would like to get more information on static IP addresses, our Contact Center team is available to answer your questions. Please call 239.529.1500.