Technology provides us with convenience, but with that sometimes comes annoyances. Enter, the beeping ONT!

Sometimes batteries need to be replaced, and you’ll find out about that when you’re Optical Network Terminal (ONT) starts to beep. Fear not! There is a procedure to silence the beeping from the ONT and the backup ONT batter (PSI).

Silencing the Beep

Go to the cabinet where the beeping can be heard and remove the cover. Some covers just clip in and for others a Philips screwdriver will be needed.

1.  Once the cover is removed, locate the battery by following the power cord or the beeping sound. It could be located either vertically or horizontally in the cabinet. You may need to move some wires away from the unit or pull it out to get access. Please use caution when doing this.

2.  Look for the grey button (second one up from the bottom) that reads “Alarm Silence.” Push the button in, hold for 15 seconds and release. The “Mute” light will turn amber, and the beeping should stop.


Note: Please be aware that this works 98% of the time, but it is a possibility it may start again within five minutes. You must also call our Contact Center at 239.529.1500 for a service call. Truck roll charges will not apply to replace a faulty battery.


If the ONT is offline, use the following steps:

·     Press the NIR button for 15 seconds. This will reset the ONT battery.

·     Call our Contact Center at 239.529.1500, and a customer specialist will schedule a technician to address the matter.

·     When an ONT battery fails, the original battery will be removed and replaced with a power adapter.

Note: ONT batteries are NOT available at storefronts. Pelican Bay member(s) can contact the Summit Broadband Contact Center for all inquiries at 239.529.1500 and support, 24 hours/day.