With the holiday season upon us, many of our members are returning to Pelican Bay for the winter or are welcoming guests from outside of Naples. While we are excited for your return, the Foundation would like to remind everyone of our COVID-19 protocols and specifically those about wearing face masks.

COVID-19 cases numbers have continued to rise in Florida and most likely that will not change through the holidays with the return of seasonal residents and vacationers. This means that wearing a face masks is a vital way to control the spread of the virus in our communities.

We understand and appreciate that our residents have varying opinions and experiences influencing desired level of mask requirements. The Foundation is following both CDC guidance and Collier County mask mandate orders. The Foundation requires masks for enclosed areas, specifically, as listed below, are our protocols:

  • Commons – Due to the confined lobby area, we maintain restricted access, and those who enter the building are required to wear a mask as well as stay 6 feet away from anyone else in the lobby.
  • Tennis – Masks are required for patrons entering and for anyone inside the retail shops.¬† Masks are not required while outside playing tennis.
  • Community Center – Masks are required while entering and within the Community Center. Masks are not required outside on the verandah.
  • Fitness Center – Masks must be worn upon entering the Fitness Center and can be removed while working out. Masks are not required while utilizing the outdoor exercise areas.
  • Restaurants – Masks are required while entering or exiting the restaurant, until you get to your table, and if patrons get up from the table, i.e. to use the restroom.
  • Trams – Masks are required while on the trams. Masks are not required for individuals utilizing the berms or boardwalks under their own power.

Masks are voluntary on the beach, or any other outdoor area owned by the Foundation. The Foundation continues to actively promote and encourage social distancing, active hand washing, and wearing masks. We even provide mask stations on trams or at the entrances to Foundation facilities. Individuals who are uncomfortable with their ability to maintain social distancing in outdoor areas where others may or may not be wearing masks, should be fully aware of the environment they may encounter.

We have received questions about why we do not enforce masks in our outdoors areas. Currently, neither the State of Florida, nor Collier County have any requirements for individuals wearing masks outside. That means, the Foundation would be creating a standard of precaution that not does not exist within our State or County, and there would be no way of enforcing violations, which means that confrontations would result without any effective means of intervention.

The Foundation has implemented many precautionary and protective elements in the community designed to keep our residents as safe as possible at Foundation facilities through this pandemic. Articles in the Post as well as e-newsletters are archived on our website for anyone who would like to learn more about the Foundation’s pandemic response.