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Our Reason

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Our Reason

The Pelican Bay Foundation is the master homeowner’s association for the community. All property owners within Pelican Bay are members of the Foundation, and the seven-member Board of Directors is elected by community-wide vote.


A premier coastal community that enriches the lives of its members through first class amenities, engaging activities, the tranquility of nature, and a sense of belonging.

  • A pristine natural environment with beaches, mangroves and green spaces
  • Exceptional resort-style facilities and amenities 
  • Activities that foster a vibrant, healthy and social lifestyle
  • Outstanding member services and a workplace of choice
  • A community that fosters safety and an ambiance of quiet beauty
This mission will be achieved with prudent, transparent, and sustainable financial management.

Our Core Values

Our guiding beliefs and principles that create the Foundation’s culture. They frame how the Foundation interacts with members, employees, and partnerships and its stakeholders.

Welcoming: Help build and embrace a sense of community and belonging for all.
Collaborative: Leverage our collective genius with a focus on clear communication, teamwork, and continuous improvement.
Positive: Be open to new ideas and utilize creative problem solving to deliver exceptional member satisfaction at all touch points.
Respectful: Valuing others by being honest, courteous, fulfilling commitments, and behaving in a moral and ethical manner.