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Where it all Started

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Where it all started

The founding of Pelican Bay in the 1970’s was perfectly timed to take advantage of the growing interest in environmentally conscious development. As a result, a unique haven of preserved mangroves and natural estuaries define the community.

In 1972, Coral Ridge Properties, a division of Westinghouse, entered in a partnership with the Collier family to develop the 2,330 acres of beachfront property that they owned seven miles north of downtown Naples.

While the conventional dredge and fill approach to development was at first considered, the drumbeat for more preservation minded alternatives was strong with the creation of the EPA in 1970, the passage of Florida’s Environmental Land and Water Management Act in 1972, and the growing popularity of the book that sounded the alarm about DDT, “Silent Spring”.

As a result, environmental specialists were brought in and Pelican Bay was carefully plotted with single family homes and low-rise villas that blended in with the habitat, high rise condominiums that were placed back from the beach, and an ingenious berm and boardwalk system that allowed Gulf access without compromising the mangrove forest.

In 1979, Westinghouse bought out the Collier family’s interest, the first demonstration home and sales center was built, and the Pelican Bay Foundation was formed. The rest is history!

Today Pelican Bay is still regarded as a model of environmental planning and stewardship.